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Use mobio for the continuous training of your employees, as a means of communication or as a digital briefcase. A good user experience and regular new, interactive content ensure success - externally and internally.



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Digital Storytelling

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mobio fulfils them.

Finally manage content centrally and distribute it on a login-basis

  • Communicate innovatively – more than one step ahead of the competition

  • customer magazines, business reports, showcase-apps

  • Retrieve relevant information quickly and easily (up-to-date and worldwide)

  • For the internal and external communication (multilingual)

  • Ideal for Digital Storytelling (Content Marketing)

  • Control over content (central data storage, CMS connection)

  • Control over access rights (who can read what, when)

  • Personalised and location-based content

  • Tracking and analysis (find out more about the reader)


Whether professional or private, everyday life without smartphones is not imaginable anymore.

With an employee app, use this channel for efficient employee communication, as well as for crisis communication! Find out more in our 38-page white paper. Among other things you can read:

  • The 10 biggest advantages of an employee app

  • The 9 success factors of an employee app

  • Improve employee retention with employee apps

  • How automation makes life easier

  • This is how employee apps get onto smartphones (BYOD)

  • Numerous practical examples and best practices

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